Beyond Oasis

Beyond Oasis


Cheat mode:
The following codes require a six-button controller. Enter the following codes at the title screen, and keep the buttons while pressing Start(2) - the first time to enter the "Diary" screen, and the second time to start a new game. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Area select and dialog viewer:
Hold Down/Right + A + Z at the title screen. Hold Mode while opening the saved game screen during gameplay to access the area list. To access the dialog viewer, hold X + Z and press A or C to close the menu that was just opened. With X + Z still held, approach an NPC and press B to talk to cycle through the story text.

Full inventory and upgraded stats:
Hold Up/Right + A + Y at the title screen.

View ending:
Hold Down/Left + A + B + Z at the title screen.

View scores:
Hold B and press Start at the title screen.

Sound test:
Enter the diary (saved game selection) screen, then hold B and press Start.