Castlevania - Bloodlines

Castlevania - Bloodlines


To get Classic Music from older Castlevania games, go to the options menu before you start the game and set the sound effect to 73 and the music to 5. Play both. Now, when you get the 3rd weapon upgrade, you will hear either Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears, or Beginnings, 3 songs from the NES Castlevania games.

To get the expert mode, at the title screen press Up, Up, Down, Down, left, right, left, right, B, and then A. If you hear a chime, then you're cooking with fire, son!

To get 9 lives, enter the the two codes from above in the order I put them (Classic Music, then Expert Mode). Note that to enter the Expert Mode code after the Classic Music code, you have to return to the title screen and wait for it to fade back to the Push Start screen. After you enter the Expert Mode trick, go into the options screen and you'll notice you can now choose up to 9 lives.

If you're ever playing the game, and you find you're out of continues, simply reset (Don't turn it off, just reset!), and start a new game. You'll start from where you reset, with the same amount of lives you had, but you'll now have 2 continues. You can also change the difficultly level before starting over again. Your weapon and score both reset though, but you'll get them back.



Level passwords
Stage 2
Empty Axe Bird Empty
Bird Empty Bird Empty
Jewel Empty bird axe
axe Empty axe axe

Stage 3
axe bird jewel axe
Empty Empty Empty jewel
axe Empty bird Empty
Bird axe axe axe

Stage 4
Empty bird Empty bird
bird Empty bird Empty
axe Empty bird Empty
axe Empty jewel axe

Stage 5
axe axe jewel jewel
Empty Empty Empty jewel
Empty bird bird jewel
bird axe jewel axe

Stage 6
axe axe Empty jewel
Empty bird Empty jewel
Empty axe bird jewel
bird axe Empty Empty