Ecco The Dolphin

Ecco The Dolphin Invincibility: Hold A + Start when the name of the level appears. Release the buttons and press Start when the level is ready for game play. No background music: Pause game play and press A(5). Cheat mode: Turn Ecco to the left or right. Pause game play when Ecco is facing the screen. Press Right, B, C, B, C, Down, C, Up. A cheat menu with stage number, sound select, music tempo, message number, unlimited life, teleporter coordinate options will appear. Level select: Enter PLEASE__ as a password, where "__" represents one of the following two letter entries. Level Suffix Ice Zone EE Island Zone FF Pteranadon Pond GG City of Forever HH Under Caves II Deep City KK Last Fight OO Origin Beach QQ Marble Sea UU Open Ocean WW Ridge Water ZZ Level Normal password Unlimited air The Undercaves AAAAAAAA LEVELSCT The Vents FBHEINCO The Lagoon YOAIINCR SHARKFIN Ridge Water XRXGSZFN Open Ocean JZCSSZFY KHDBVRIS Ice Zone GIGHVZFA XRGQXRIX Hard Water VONDVZFY MAGLXRLM Cold Water FIVZUZFF LNXHXRLB Jurassic Beach MDEBRCBO Pteranodon Pond UYUZXWFJ Origin Beach KLODYWFL Island Zone VMGDSZFM DVJLURIC Deep Water EILQOQLC OEWSURLC The Marble Sea NIROUZFY The Library JNKSUZFW Deep City EVYKUZFF City of Forever FWEWUZFZ Trilobite Circle USHHYWFZ Dark Water BLBLYWFX Deep Water 2 EQAAKNLC City of Forever 2 SYLMDXMZ FIVEPODS The Tube KUVEKMLK The Machine NNNNNNNN ECCOFMLY The Last Fight KNLMLMLC Note: Enter LIFEFISH as a password to begin a new game with unlimited air. Killer sonar: Enter a level password with unlimited air. Press A + B during game play to kill all enemies on sonar. Unlimited lives: Enter NIHPLODS as a password.