Gunstar Heroes

Gunstar Heroes

Bonus Power-ups:
Continue to kick the power-up pods for additional items.

Rotate title:
Press Down before the logo spins to rotate it in the opposite direction.

Playing tip:
Tap the D-pad to walk slower on the fifth stage, after the man sneaks away in the garbage can. Eventually, a pod that contains unlimited vitality will appear. If you proceed at regular speed or faster, it will never catch up to your character.

Hidden special move:
To perform a secret special move with either Gunstar Blue or Gunstar Red, press Back, Down/Back, Down, Down/Toward, Toward and press Attack. The character will perform a powerful standing slide.

Avoid damage:
Hold B + C and your character will put his hands over his face. No gun will hurt him when he gets hit.

Hint: Extra items:
When the robotic bird appears nearby to drop off guns or hearts, kick it and it will drop extra items. This works every time with every player. To kick it, jump once then press C while in the air.

Hint: Recommended guns:
Combine the Lightning and the Green gun together, then hold B when enemies are present.
Combine the Fire and Rapid fire weapons. The weapon will combine into explosions every shot. This will cause devastating damage, and is a help when fighting some Bosses.

Glitch: Detachable fire:
Note: This only works when playing the game using the Fixed Shot style. Obtain a Flame and a Lightning weapons (together they yield a short range Beam Saber weapon). The Flame should be in the left weapon sphere and the Lightning in the right weapon sphere, next to your character's vitality. Press A (change weapon) until you only have the Flame weapon selected. While holding B (Fire) button, press A. The Flame will suspend itself where ever it is on the screen, as long as you continue to hold B. Note: The sound effects for the Flame weapon will stop, but the fire will continue to do damage, allowing you to move away from the suspended flame using only jumps. All slides/air attacks will cease fire and cause the loss of the flame. Also, the small flame on the end of your character's gun will still deal damage to enemies.