Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park

Cheat mode:
Enter the options screen and highlight "Controls" Press Start, then exit the options screen, then press Start to begin game play. Level select, music select, and player select options will appear.

Debug mode:
Enter NYUKNYUK as a password and press Start immediately after the last letter is entered. The text "Second Controller Enabled" will appear to confirm correct code entry. Then, go to the options screen, highlight "Controls" and press Start. Next, start the game at the "Start" selection. Use the following actions to enable the corresponding cheat. Note: Level select is enabled by default when game play begins.

Walk through walls
Press the D-pad on controller two.

Full life and ammunition
Press B on controller two.

Slow motion
Press A on controller two.

Disable cheat mode
Press Start on controller two.

Additional options
Select Grant and the easy difficulty on the options screen. Use the controller configuration option to return to the default settings. Then hold A and press Start. Another menu with additional options will appear.

View ending sequence:
Enter FREIHEIT or BLUESKY1 as a password.

All weapons:
Enter 4VTNVVTI or 4VTNVVIT as a password. All of the weapons will be available with the ammunition set to 99, except for missiles which will be set to 91. Enter WAGNER93 as a password to have all weapons and ammunition.

Master password:
Enter JP_0_ARK as a password, where the first blank can be G (to play as Grant) or R (to play as the Raptor). Enter a number from 1 to 7 in the second blank to select the corresponding Grant level or a number from 1 to 5 to play the corresponding Raptor level.

Level/Difficulty Dr. Grant Raptor
Easy 0HHNSIDK G21G0014
Normal 0RJTRMA6 G21G0025
Hard 08BI9UR7 G21G0036
Easy 2BINHKE9 I21G0016
Normal 277166RO I21G0027
Hard 2QMH7DB2 I21G0038
Easy 4LBVGIIN (none)
Normal 4BFP64V0 (none)
Hard 4SNP67FC (none)
Easy 66RHEH2P K21G0018
Normal 64DHCDEF K21G0029
Hard 6QLNTNRR K21G003A
Easy 8KN0SHUU M21G001A
Normal 85BGLNTH M21G002B
Hard 8DCIDDR8 M21G003C
Easy A717MUP6 (none)
Normal AH745EJC (none)
Hard A6C8EDJI (none)
Normal C7UBL67U O21G002D
Hard C7DH56B7 O21G003E