Road Rash 3: Tour De Force

Road Rash 3

Cheat mode:
Press A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, A at the title screen. The sound of a siren will confirm correct code entry. You will start at level 3 with the DMG 1000, $20,000, and various weapons.

Super passwords:
Enter R7EF TU0R as a password for $250,000, a fast bike, and level 5.
Enter 15S9 PUO3 as a password for $200,000, all upgrades, and the best bike (210 mph without nitro).

WildThing 2000:

Enter 15S9 PU03 as a password.

Status Password
Level 1 DDEF PU0F
Level 2 DDEF QU0G
Level 3 DDEF RU0H
Level 4 DDEF SU0I
Level 5 DDEF TU0J
Level 5, final race at Brazil DDEF TUUD
Level 5, final race at Italy DDEF TURA
Level 5, final race at Japan DDEF TUFU
Level 5, final race at Kenya DDEF TUN6
Level 5, final race at U.K. DDEF TUTG