Spider-Man and Venom - Maximum Carnage

Spider-Man and Venom - Maximum Carnage

Secret Level in Prison Hall

When you're at the prison hall, go to the first opened jail cell. Then press up and jump at the same time. In there you'll find a lot of powerups

Hidden Continues

At the end of the alley climb up the wall and you will find a continue.

In the Fantastic 4's secret laboratory room, after you get everything go to the upper left corner and keep doing your special attack. After a little while a continue should appear.

Bonus Round

On San Francisco (being Venom) get to the ATM machine. When there get in front of it by the pillar. Then face to the right and do your special attack to enter the bonus round.

Extra Lives

At the end of the first level when the bosses come, climb the wall. When you get to the top, walk all the way left until you hear the life noise.

When you are in the alley and you reach a big door, climb up the walls on both sides. Beside each piller on one side you will find an extra life and on the other side you will find a continue.

Hidden Power-Ups

When on the roof top in Level 2 (CLIMB), there are hidden power-ups under the water tower. To get them you must punch the tower until the legs break. When this happens you must pick up the tower, and there you would see the power-ups.

Hint: You can beat Dobbleganger easier if you throw the water tower at him.

Statue of Liberty

During the Comic Book scene where Carnage is holding Venom captive, rapidly press B, C over and over again. If done correctly you won't see the scenes of Spider-Man fighting.

Secret Rooms

On the Climb level (level 2) walk all the way to the right side of the screen and jump on to the wall on the left side of the last window and jump kick through the last window!

In the Fantastic Four labs where plasma beams come from the floor and ceiling: Go to the beginning of the level, then hold UP until you can't move anymore. Now run and do a jump kick to land on the air vent. Enter it to find a secret level with many powerups.